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Santiago, Chile

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Watergate Bay Hotel

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Coastal Safety Interview

We at NorthShoreBarre.Com have been bringing you some of our favourite coastal developments over the last couple of years and we hope to be continuing for another couple more. With so many beautiful and interesting new developments that are happening and being planned it looks like we are going to be busy.

But what goes into building coastal developments? We wanted a look behind the scene and have been lucky enough to get a hold of one of the UK’s most up and coming faces in safety management, Chester Bourfa, to discuss what kind of safety measures are in place in these sometimes tricky locations.


NSB – Hi Chester, thanks for taking the time to join us today. Could you give us a little bit of background so are readers can find out a little more about you?

CB – Thanks for having me. I work in construction as a Safety Management Leader as well as freelance consultancy work  I was educated at the University of Glasgow and gained further qualifications including completing the IOSH working safely course also in Glasgow.

NSB – So how did you get into the safety management side of things?

CB – I originally studied construction and it was just a natural progression for me there. It’s something I really enjoy and I make it clear that I am not there to step on peoples toes and stop everything from happening. A big part of my job is awareness and when you speak to a lot of the workers who might have had reservations about your role they tend to see you as on their side.

NSB – Do you have much experience on coastal projects?

CB – I have worked on a few over the years and there are definitely some things to consider that other projects might not be affected by.

NSB – Such as?

CB  – Simple things like the weather can have a big bearing on safety, that is true wherever the project is taking place. Coastal projects tend to be a bit more open to the elements so that has to be taken into consideration.

We also look at access routes which can be affected as anyone that has to commute along a coastal road will know. Coastal erosion can also be an issue so that needs to be looked into as well.

NSB – Are there drawbacks to coastal projects that we might not consider?

CB – Simple things like foundations need to be fully planned in regards to terrain, we also need to consider if the area is liable to flooding and take measures to ensure the integrity of the building should anything like that occur. Obviously in the UK we don’t get weather conditions or natural disasters to the levels of other countries but we still make sure the buildings are up to those standards.

NSB – Are there any types of project that you dread?

CB – I wouldn’t say  I “dread” any, it goes without saying that some are more complicated than others but those are a challenge and an opportunity to learn from others who have the experience. Projects that extend into water always tend to be more difficult but those are the jobs you remember.


NSB – Are there any projects you would like an opportunity to work on?

CB – I would love the opportunity to work on one of the projects like Palm Island in Dubai. Apart from the brilliant weather it would be interesting working on something of that scale to understand the logistics. Building a man made island and developing on it is something I would love to be a part of.

I have worked briefly in Dubai and loved every minute of it. My hotel, Fraser Suites Dubai, was incredible and that is definitely one of the perks of the job. You are often given the nicest accommodation you can think of when you are helping a company and Dubai really knows how to treat its guests.

Speaking of them I have been invited to visit Qatar in regards to the up coming World Cup where I will be staying in the Fraser Suites Doha accommodation. Because the job was linked we managed to get something worked out so I have been really lucky that way.



NSB – Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

CB – No, I just want to thank you for the opportunity to speak on here and I look forward to what you have to show us next.

There you go, a quick interview with Safety Management Leader Chester Bourfa and we hope to have some more interviews coming soon too. It was interesting to hear from someone that works on these kinds of projects and we ope to bring you more of it.

Cheter B

To find out a bit more about Chester Bourfa click here.

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Decked Out

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Grand Renovations, Low Budgets

Before: Originally this kitchen looked fine however due to flooding the owner had the opportunity to remodel, and that they did!

After: A dark ghardwood floor against the bright white cabinets give this kitchen a classic feel while the bold stainless steel furnishing offer it a more contemporary edge. A great example of combining new and old to create a wonderful space.
Before: A dated and jaded looking bedroom to start with the owners decided they wanted a change.
After: Taking down the old fashioned wall paper and cladding the room in pine planks transformed the room, before lifting the carpet to reveal the hard wood floors accessorized with rugs and throws completed the transformation. The colour of the room really brightens it and is a big difference from the original stuffy feel.
Before: If you are working in a small area you need to make the most of your space and this is a great example.
After: Converting the area that is to small to walk under into a sleeping nook is inspired and having the curtain rail separates the sleeping area from the work area. Taking away the coloured curtains also lets the light into the room making it seem a better space.
Before: Old kitchen cabinets and surfaces can often make the room look old fashioned and cluttered.
After: Simply changing a few things like the colour and style of the cabinets gives this kitchen a fresh and modern face lift.
Before: This dark kitchen wasn’t a great space to work in until an unfortunate accident when a faulty radiator caused a severe flood. The upside is this gave the owners the opportunity to change the whole feel of the room.

After: The opportunity to overhaul the heating system with modern, efficient radiators was just the first ingenious step. Using flat panel panel radiators that hugged the walls and using modern radiator valves helped create that extra bit of space needed to avoid the dreaded cluttered feel. Changing the colour scheme and cabinets completely opened up the kitchen, making it a bright, fresh space to cook in.

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