Land Down Under

Beachfront residences are often popular, in Australia they are a must. Read more…


Amsterdam Living

A great property found in the Netherlands makes the most of its location. The unique design compliments the three story house and the roof terrace allows the occupier to appreciate the views. Read more…


Santiago, Chile

When design meets nature the results can be very dramatic. This is illustrated beautifully with this stunning, contemporary house built overlooking the sea. Read more…


Englishof the English Country Dream

Anyone hoping to buy property in London can expect to have to pay quite a bit and it doesn’t look like prices will be dropping anytime soon. With this being the case more and more people are looking outside of London at locations that offer the best of the English countryside. Read more…

nz house

Decked Out

We’ve never seen a house like this before where you’ll not know which view to take in. This wooden homes comprises of two separate cabins Read more…

Grand Renovations, Low Budgets

Before: Originally this kitchen looked fine however due to flooding the owner had the opportunity to remodel, and that they did!

After: A dark ghardwood floor against the bright white cabinets give this kitchen a classic feel while the bold stainless steel furnishing offer it a more contemporary edge. A great example of combining new and old to create a wonderful space.
Before: A dated and jaded looking bedroom to start with the owners decided they wanted a change.
After: Taking down the old fashioned wall paper and cladding the room in pine planks transformed the room, before lifting the carpet to reveal the hard wood floors accessorized with rugs and throws completed the transformation. The colour of the room really brightens it and is a big difference from the original stuffy feel.
Before: If you are working in a small area you need to make the most of your space and this is a great example.
After: Converting the area that is to small to walk under into a sleeping nook is inspired and having the curtain rail separates the sleeping area from the work area. Taking away the coloured curtains also lets the light into the room making it seem a better space.
Before: Old kitchen cabinets and surfaces can often make the room look old fashioned and cluttered.
After: Simply changing a few things like the colour and style of the cabinets gives this kitchen a fresh and modern face lift.
Before: This dark kitchen wasn’t a great space to work in until an unfortunate accident when a faulty radiator caused a severe flood. The upside is this gave the owners the opportunity to change the whole feel of the room.

After: The opportunity to overhaul the heating system with modern, efficient radiators was just the first ingenious step. Using flat panel panel radiators that hugged the walls and using modern radiator valves helped create that extra bit of space needed to avoid the dreaded cluttered feel. Changing the colour scheme and cabinets completely opened up the kitchen, making it a bright, fresh space to cook in.

meixco villa

Mexican Villa Shows The Green

Grass is hard to come by in Mexico. For a country that is relatively desert from top to tail, looking after and maintaining a small patch of green is a great sign of wealth. Housing a villa around that patch though, is an indicator of being able to have a coastal home that is miles above anything else in the region. Read more…

grand bedroom

Living The Grand Life In Brighton

In Brighton there is one hotel by the seafront that everyone knows about. Just near the famous pier is The Grand. Read more…

all the glass

Getting Ambitious in Marbella

There are some lovely views to be had from a number of properties around Marbella. This contemporary villa might literally raise a few eyebrows though as its best view forces you to look up.

From the outside it looks like just another modern home, but on the inside it makes up for a lack of space by moving the pool on to the roof. It’s not that this feature isn’t something you’ll see in other modern homes that makes it so different. Its that the entire pool is encased in glass and can be seen by anyone walking through the home.

This not only makes it a massive talking/selling point for the house, it also adds a source of light in an untraditional way.The use of glass throughout the interior brings a sense of cleanliness almost and makes everything seem sleek. Surprisingly the most exciting part of the house is kept out of sight with just some drapes. By the pool is a rooftop dining area that would surely be one of the best views to have your dinner in the evenings.

villa entrance

villa roof

villa pool

pool from inside

smooth hallway

dining area


water falling estate

Dream Coastal Home In Hawaii

There’s an easy way to get that dream home by the water: move to an island. Read more…

hanging home

The House That Rocks

Looming large over the coast in Nova Soctia, this hanging house offers a spectacular view not only of the property but the ocean beyond the windows. Read more…


The Bonny Bonny Banks

Loch Lomond is one of the most spectacular natural sites to be found in the UK, perfectly situated as it is at the start of the magnificent Scottish Highlands, and only an hour’s drive from Glasgow. Read more…